Farming for Reagants


In Vestrilund you can find 3 Black Lotus very close together with the occasional Black Pearl dropping with them. At this time this area is not heavily farmed and definitely one of my favorite places to gather this reagant.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a great place to farm for Cat tails and often a Water lily or a kelp can also be found to drop as well. Just get all five and port to the next realm for five more and then port again. I generally found all the Reagant items I needed of this type in that area.

Mirkholm Keep

In Mirkholm Keep right near Herkir you can find two frost flowers and three cat tails, but the frost flowers are what I farm for at this area. And sometimes Grendelweed will also drop while collecting these reagants. It seems to be a well known place to gather these reagants so you will likely see others after the same items.


In the Atheneum you will find 2 Stone blocks and a couple Ore, Fossil and Sandstone will also drop with the Stone and a Diamond or two will drop from the Ore. There is a doorway nearby, if you use it to go into the next area you will usually find Ore just on the other side. Again this area is heavily farmed but thats just because this is a great place to find these reagants.
Happy Farming.

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