FrostFlower in Wintertusk


Ugh WinterBranch

Yes I finally made it, and I have to admit it can be very tough at times but I’m doing a bit better than I expected. The majority of the creatures I fight here are ice as well and they seem to have a very high resist against my spells. Anyway if you are a Thaumaturge (or ice) wizard like myself I can give you a few words of advice.

First thing is my second school is life, and I took it all the way up to Centaur, so that gives me several spells that the ice monsters wont readily protect themselves from. Another thing I like to do is keep different school attacks in my treasure deck, for me I’ve found firedragon to be not only a nice hit for ice but also a great way to remove all those tower shields they enjoy stacking.

And last but not least bring a friend or find some in the area, if nothing else I carry a life amulet and have saved many from a fate worse than… um well a fate “of” death.

I’m sure everyone has their own methods of beating this area but these are simply mine and perhaps they will help. Anyway, I’m still in Wintertusk and will be here for some time. What a great place for experience points to level and great items that sell in the bazaar to help my with my next pet hatch.

And remember to search for reagents in this area, they are all over the place, dont forget to gather them as you go since there are still several great items to craft through the next few worlds.

See you around the Spiral.

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