Skyvern mount

skyvern mount

See the bug?
Eat that bug go get it!
Yikes I was only joking around.
There are some great new items from the Skyvern’s hoard pack, like this mount and the Velociraptor pet. Wands and gear and more, hope you have the chance to check some of it out.

I’ve got to stop playing in the garden I know.
I’m dreading to quest in Wintertusk since everything there is ice like myself, how difficult could it possibly be right?
Hmmmm suddenly it became very quiet.
Oh well it’s time I started questing through Grizzleheim so I can even get there.
I wish you luck and maybe even see you there.


Moo Shu Ninja pigs

wizard101 ninja pigs

Oh No!
Ninja Pigs everywhere i look or go, and I’m about to be clobbered by a gnarly green Troll.
Now that i think about it we did have ham for dinner and this could be Karma, or is it Kismet. Either way perhaps an ice blade or two and a blizzard spell will get me out of this mess and back to the Wizard City Bazaar to find a new wall hanging for my new Moo Shu house.
Shopping, ya gotta love it.

GroundFrog Day


GroundFrog Day comes around every year on Feb. 2 and marks a pivotal day in the transition from winter to spring.

According to Merle Ambrose, if the groundfrog leaves his den and sees his shadow, it’s both a sunny day and a sign that we’re in for six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, winter will end soon.

Groundfrogs are demanding animals and quite honestly belong in the wild. Is there any upside? You bet. Similar to a piggle, my groundfrog will lovingly greet me when I come home, but then Bosco hastily scurries back into our pond and resumes catching crickets.
Catch you later GroundFrog gator.

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