Each player starts off with a dorm room, its small but cozy but eventually you will outgrow it and most players want a place a bit larger to keep all their stuff.

There are several homes in the crowns shop that can also be bought with gold, these are very nice and most of them are theme based per school.
Fire house for Pyromancers, Death house for Necromancers and etc. etc.

There are also houses that can be purchased with gift cards, these often come with a surprise or two such as secret rooms or a creature that will gift you free items each day.

Its all personal preference of what you would like to have in a house.
A place to drop your items when your backpack starts to overflow.
Or to start a large garden.
Also its a place to decorate and to share with friends.

With a bit of inspiration and some housing items sold at the bazaar or dropped from questing, it can become your home sweet home.


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