Tower of Absolute Being

So after completing Zafaria including the Elephant Graveyard (and it’s dungeon).
And then the ominous Mirror Lake with its resident cheating bosses.
*que the depressingly dark and moody music*
Phew, that was tough but talk about some nice drops.
Tower of Absolute Being
And now Merle has sent me to the Tower of Absolute Being in Mooshu, and you know I’m thinking “..woohoo its surprise party time!”
Or perhaps like Ace Ventura it’s time for me to receive the medallion of spiritual accomplishment and attain omnipresent supergalactic oneness…

uh yeah right until I see this guy and I’m guessing playtime is over.
Oh well, you know where to find me.

mika skarka


Morganthe you Jedi mind melder

Oh Morganthe!
You evil sorceress and harbinger of doom..
What you hope to accomplish in your wildest imagination could never possibly become a reality.
Don’t try your Jedi mind meld against me!

Standing there in your designer boots, gucci hat tilted to the side.
Your glass orb staff, hand crafted and set with the finest gemstones that can be found.
The silk from your dresss shimmering and soft must have been spun by hand raised death spiders of Dragonspyre.
…oh yes very nice.. hmm

I just have one question though and would pay dearly for you to answer it…
And that is..
Where do you shop?

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

tyrannosaurus rex
Oh dear what a mess you’ve made Tyra.
Now I have to find the mop and bucket and spend the morning scrubbing the floor.
And no time to make Mac & Cheese for you so sorry.
Work work work, seems its all I ever do around this place.

Ashley the talking tree

ashley in Dragonspyre

Oh look a talking tree named Ashley.
And you want me to what? Be a hero and go face Malistaire??!
Dude seriously this is a joke right?
Funny I can’t see any hidden camera’s, and I suppose you arent even going to offer to go with?
Laugh it up funny man.
Remind me not to send you a Christmas card this year.

Can you gift me

Or sometimes they start off by asking “do you have crowns?”
No wait don’t run away, I’m not asking, I’m simply stating what others ask me.

If you’ve been playing this game for any length of time you’ve been asked that question so many times it makes your ears ring.
How do you respond to a question like that without hurting their feelings?
Surely you can’t just laugh and say I wouldnt gift you if you were the last wizard in this city!

Luckily I have developed a few genious and perhaps slightly devious responses for these types of questions.
So here you go and i hope they get you out of a tight spot at least once.

Top 10 Responses:
10. I just gifted my last one
9. Let me check if I have any on my other account
8. I dont have any o_O
7. I had some just a minute ago, but my brother used them
6. My parents said if I give them away I won’t ever get any more
5. Sorry my pet ate them
4. I’m a wizard, I will magically gift you some, abracadabra!
3. I was just about to ask you
2. give someone a crown and you feed him for a day, teach him to use his parents credit card and .. oh
~ and the number one response is ~
1. Clowns? I dont have any clowns

FrostFlower in Wintertusk


Ugh WinterBranch

Yes I finally made it, and I have to admit it can be very tough at times but I’m doing a bit better than I expected. The majority of the creatures I fight here are ice as well and they seem to have a very high resist against my spells. Anyway if you are a Thaumaturge (or ice) wizard like myself I can give you a few words of advice.

First thing is my second school is life, and I took it all the way up to Centaur, so that gives me several spells that the ice monsters wont readily protect themselves from. Another thing I like to do is keep different school attacks in my treasure deck, for me I’ve found firedragon to be not only a nice hit for ice but also a great way to remove all those tower shields they enjoy stacking.

And last but not least bring a friend or find some in the area, if nothing else I carry a life amulet and have saved many from a fate worse than… um well a fate “of” death.

I’m sure everyone has their own methods of beating this area but these are simply mine and perhaps they will help. Anyway, I’m still in Wintertusk and will be here for some time. What a great place for experience points to level and great items that sell in the bazaar to help my with my next pet hatch.

And remember to search for reagents in this area, they are all over the place, dont forget to gather them as you go since there are still several great items to craft through the next few worlds.

See you around the Spiral.

Watchtower Hall

wizard101 watchtower hall

Finally I have crafted the Watchtower Hall and what a magnificent house it is. And what a great sense of accomplishment I feel to have spent the time and effort.

Needless to say it’s a very rare house to own and friends who come to visit enjoy exploring the place.
Now comes the fun part of shopping at the bazaar to furnish the home and make it mine.

Thank you King Isle for making this such a nice place for all the effort it takes to craft it.

If you see me around the Spiral just ask if you can come and look around. And if you decide to craft the Watchtower house for yourself just remember to take it slow, don’t get discouraged and soon you can have one for yourself.
Also dont forget that many of the reagants needed to craft this can be found in the bazaar.
Good Luck and see you around the Spiral.


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