Watchtower Hall

wizard101 watchtower hall

Finally I have crafted the Watchtower Hall and what a magnificent house it is. And what a great sense of accomplishment I feel to have spent the time and effort.

Needless to say it’s a very rare house to own and friends who come to visit enjoy exploring the place.
Now comes the fun part of shopping at the bazaar to furnish the home and make it mine.

Thank you King Isle for making this such a nice place for all the effort it takes to craft it.

If you see me around the Spiral just ask if you can come and look around. And if you decide to craft the Watchtower house for yourself just remember to take it slow, don’t get discouraged and soon you can have one for yourself.
Also dont forget that many of the reagants needed to craft this can be found in the bazaar.
Good Luck and see you around the Spiral.