Zeke Quest


Prospector Zeke will have items for you to collect in every world you quest in.

And if you are able to collect every item he will reward you with some gold and a training point.

And please be polite and don’t stare at his crazy eye, he gets very cranky and hits you with his cane when you mention it.


Wizard City Ravenwood

Commons Fairground
Fairground Fairground2

Golem Court
GolemCourt GolemCourt2

Shopping District
ShoppingDistrict ShoppingDistrict2

Olde Town
OldeTown OldeTown2

Unicorn Way
UnicornWay UnicornWay2

Cyclops Lane
CyclopsLane CyclopsLane2

Triton Avenue
TritonAvenue TritonAvenue2

Firecat Alley
FirecatAlley FirecatAlley2

Colossus Boulevard
ColossusBoulevard ColossusBoulevard2

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